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Below each group, we have attached a downloadable song list of what is currently available for that particular group. We are continually adding to these lists, so if you don't see a song you like, please message us to see if we can accommodate your request. Fees may apply and range from $5-75 depending on availability and complexity. Custom arrangements must be submitted a minimum of 60 days before the event to give our composer time to prepare the music.

String Quartet


Our traditional quartet consists of 2 violins, viola, and cello. This group creates a standard "traditional" sound of a string quartet and is also good for any genre. 



Our bass quartet consists of a violin, viola, cello & bass. This group is particularly well suited for classical, jazz & pop selections, but works well across the genres. This group also has a guitar option available.

Bass String Quartet, concert in Tavares, FL


Our two cello quartet consists of a violin, viola, and 2 cellos. This group has a warm deep tone that we enjoy and works for any style of music.This group also has a guitar option available. 



Our bass quartet consists of a violin, viola, guitar & bass. This group is a great choice for jazz, pop/rock & holiday selections but is well suited for many styles.

Bass/Guitar Quartet, Accoustic band, weddings events, parties Lake Mary, FL

String Trio


Our traditional trio consists of a violin, viola, and cello. This group works well for nearly any style of music. This group also has a guitar option available.


Our guitar trio consists of a violin, viola, and guitar. This group works well for cocktails, birthdays, holidays or other fun occasions where you'd like more upbeat music.


String Duo


This group can bring the romance and the fun and works well for nearly any style of music. There is also a guitar option available. 


This group has a more upbeat sound that is ideal for pop & jazz and works well for nearly any style of music. 


Solo Violin & Solo Cello


Solo cello has a warm deep romantic sound & works well for any style of music. 



Solo violin has a lush romantic sound & works well for any style of music. 

Solo Violin weddings events parties Orlando, FL, The Howey Mansion

First Dance Serenades, Proposals & other specialty occasions


We are here and ready to help you with whatever special event you have cooked up. Whether it be a first dance serenade, a proposal, an elopement, or a micro wedding, we are here and ready to help you make it happen!



Vocals & Full Band 



We have a full band option available complete with drums, electric bass, electric guitar, keys and vocals.



Our singers are trained in classical, opera, jazz, pop/rock and musical theater styles. We can add vocals to any of our groups. 

band weddings events parties Orlando, FL, Exploria Stadium, Orlando City Soccer Stadium

Accessory Packages



We have amplification available for all of our groups as well as ceremony officiants.  It is highly recommended for gatherings where people will be eating, drinking and mingling. We have this available to select on the Client Intake Form on the Booking Page.


We have a 10 x 10 white tent available. It is needed for any events that are in direct sunlight and/or exposed to elements. It helps with blocking wind and protects the valuable instruments from sun damage. The tent is not 100% waterproof and therefore not a good option for rain plans. We have this available to select on the Client Intake Form on the Booking Page.

Recording Sessions


We have experience working as studio musicians in professional recording studios. We would love to help make your next creative project a reality. 

String Quartet Recording Session, Disney Studios, Orlando, FL
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