We have a unique blend of  skills that will make the music for your event the best it can possibly be. We love making music together, which translates into the quality of our work.

Rachel - Violin, Vocals
Rachel enjoys connecting with people. She has the ability to translate client requests into a cohesive and thoughtful musical program. She is a true romantic who loves to create beautiful arrangements and deliver heartfelt performances.
Josh - Cello, Vocals, Guitar
With a background in musical theater, Josh adds an element of charisma and energy to each performance. His vibrant spirit is contagious to both the audience and each member of the group. He is a highly adaptive and versatile musician who has a mastery of multiple instruments.
Noemy - Viola, Violin
Noemy knows the intricate details of planning weddings and events. Her ability to anticipate and quickly adjust to changes ensures seamless transitions and elevates the quality of each experience. Noemy uses her background as a stylist to create a pleasing aesthetic for the ensemble.
Elliot - Cello, Bass, Guitar
Elliot contributes a higher level of musicality to every performance.  His years of experience as a professional musician and music director guides the group in their interpretation of the repertoire.  His calm, cool demeanor makes him ready for any musical scenario.
Nathan - Cello, Bass, Keyboard, Guitar
Nathan specializes in music theory as a composer and songwriter. He is knowledgeable about a wide variety of musical styles and strives to 
maintain the integrity of the music.